Foster friendly and collaborative relations between members. Serve as a centralized contact point for regulators and the public, and provide a platform for discussing issues in virtual asset industry. Establish industry-wide best practices and standards and make recommendation. Engage with regulators frequently to improve the legal and regulatory framework in virtual asset ecosystem.

Virtual Asset Exchange Member

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Virtual Assets Member

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Financial Industry Member

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Virtual Asset Exchange Member

As a Virtual Asset Exchange Member of HKVAC, you will receive a range of benefits:

  • Solicited rating, an independent rating by licensed rating agency publish to public;
  • Subject to additional data requirement and monitoring – a sign of confidence to the public;
  • Use of HKVAC index for asset selection for potential retail clients;
  • Member in HKVAC Exchange Committee, a key HKVAC committee to facilitate industry discussion and connect with other members.

Joining Virtual Asset Exchange Member

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