HKVAC Crypto Large Market Cap Index White Paper Disclose

HKVAC solemnly announces that the HKVAC Hong Kong Crypto Large Market Capital Index white paper is already disclose at our website

The HKVAC Large Crypto Market Capital Index reflects the overall performance of cryptocurrency in our large market capital segmentation in the world, It is characterized by the design of a rigorous structure and regulatory system, and is also supervised by the Index Committee. At the same time, refer to the trading terms of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, including the same basis point and closing time as the Hang Seng Technology Index, which is more suitable for Hong Kong investors. In addition, our index is based on the top 30 cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization are included into the index if the following liquidity requirement is met. Also, all cryptocurrencies are required to have a median daily market capitalization of at least US$ 10 million over a period of three months.

The selection of asset type are cryptocurrency and must be traded publicly, stable-coin or any other pegged cryptocurrency are excluded from the index, BTC and ETH are excluded from the index.

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